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The clinic offers comprehensive diagnosis and treatment, including a consultation with one of our gynecologic specialists and an individualized health plan detailing subsequent care.

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Normally women menstruate once a month for 4 to 7 days and lose less than half a cup of blood. Frequent, prolonged and heavy bleeding results in chronic blood loss causing anaemia.

Heavy menstruation is usually described as flooding, large clots, changing pads frequently and during the night. Two thirds of women do not perceive this as being abnormal and never consult a physician.

The most common cause of abnormal bleeding is hormonal imbalance. This is more prevalent after the age of 40 as the patient approaches menopause. Benign growths within the cavity or the wall of the uterus, bleeding disorders, and chronic kidney and liver ailments can also cause abnormal bleeding. Your doctor should conduct a thorough medical examination to diagnose the cause of your DUB. Following this examination, you may be faced with several options for treatment.

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