Delta Hospital & Community Health Foundation invests in NovaSure

Delta Hospital & Community Health Foundation invests in NovaSure, expands gynaecological treatment offerings through collaboration with Southern Health Centre’s Dr. Roy Jackson


Vancouver, B.C. — Dr. Roy Jackson, Medical Director of Southern Health Centre in White Rock, is partnering with Delta Hospital to provide new treatment methods and to conduct further research in an effort to increase medical support for the many women in BC who are affected by a range of uterine issues.


As a trusted gynecologist with more than 20 years of experience treating women in Canada, Dr. Jackson is dedicated to helping women who suffer from various conditions. “Delta Hospital offers the culture and optimal space for day care treatments for women suffering from a variety of conditions which I treat, including fibroids and polyps, as well as abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB),” says Dr. Jackson.


Currently, Delta Hospital is equipped with the most up-to-date technologies (NovaSure) for uterine ablation to treat AUB, and with the latest intrauterine tissue removal procedures (MyoSure) for treating submucosal fibroids and polyps. All treatments are covered by British Columbia’s Medical Services Plan (MSP) once a referral is made to a specialist.


Dr. Jackson also hopes that increasing knowledge and spreading more awareness in the medical community about gynecological procedures offered through Delta Hospital will help increase BC women’s access to safe, effective and innovative treatment options.


“If women can see a specialist before their symptoms worsen, many may be able to avoid more invasive methods like hysterectomy that could become required if they wait too long,” Dr. Jackson says. “Delta Hospital also offers anaesthetic options like IV sedation, which allows patients to resume regular activity post-treatment in a matter of days, rather than weeks,” he adds.


Timely referrals made by family doctors and general practitioners as well as an increased understanding by patients on what is available to them will help more women in BC get better personalized care sooner.


Dr. Jackson is currently taking new patients to Delta Hospital’s day care centre. He is also involved in conducting further research into treatment options with Delta Hospital through Southern Health Centre.

For more information about services offered by Dr. Jackson at Delta Hospital, please visit or call 604-531-8707.

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